Accommodation rules

Immediate termination of the stay can occur if there is a rough breach of the accommodation rules, vandalism or exceeding the permitted number of accommodated guests. We reserve the right to refuse provide accommodation to the guest based on previous negative experience.

Accommodation rules:

1.     Guests are obligated to follow the accommodation rules and fire regulations.

2.     The organization can accommodate only guest who has a reservation confirmation, fills all information required and does online check-in. If a guest provides invalid personal data or ID numbers, SLADOVNA Apartments is permited to refuse the reservation with regard to the law about local fees for Czech guests 565/1990 and to the law about accommodation of foreigners on the state territory 326/1999 Sb.

3.     The guest is obligated to pay for the reservation online or by bank transfer before arrival. The amount is set by the price list or in the rightful contract/reservation confirmation.

4.     Guests under 18 years old can be accommodated only accompanied by an adult.

5.     Check-in is from 3 p.m.

6.     Check-out is until 10 a.m. otherwise a guest will be charged an extra night.

7.     From 10 p.m. until 6 a.m. is night rest and its disturbance is fined 3000 CZK.

8.     Cleaning of the apartment is made after the departure of guests, in case of stay longer than 6 days it is made on the day 7.

9.     If the guest demands to prolong the stay, the guest can be moved into another apartment.

10.   Use of the premises during the stay is responsibility of the client.

11.   Every guest has to take care of the apartment and its equipment which cannot be relocated or moved outside the builging. Guests cannot interfere domestic wiring or other installations.

12.   Client is obligated to prevent any damage of the building and its equipment, fire inception incuding, during whole stay.

13.   Client does not leave kids unsupervised in the area.

14.   SLADOVNA Apartments does not take responsibility for personal belongings of the guests and its loss or damage. Guests need to take valuables and bigger financial amounts with themselves.

15.   Smoking is prohibited in the whole area and is fined 5000 CZK.

16.   Leaving the apartment, the guest is obligated to turn off the tap, close the windows, turn off electrical appliances, lights and close the door of the apartment.

17.   In case of damaging the equipment or premises of SLADOVNA Apartments, the operator is entitled to demand a financial compensation.

18.   Every damage or malfunction needs to be reported to the coordinator of SLADOVNA Apartments.

19.   SLADOVNA Apartments does not take responsibility for injuries of the guests.

20.   In the whole area it is prohibited to use any personal electrical appliances with the exception of those for personal hygiene (shaver, hairdryer etc.) and low-input appliances (notebook, charger etc.).

21.  The guests are strictly prohibited to use or even possess a gun, ammunition or any explosives in the area. Guests also cannot possess, hold or produce any psychotropic substances (with exception of those prescribed by the doctor). Guests cannot manipulate with an open fire.

22.  Dogs and other small pets can be accommodated only with a prior approval of the coordinator and the harmless state of health must be proven. The fee is stated in the valid price list.

23.   It is prohibited to throw anything out of the windows and to pollute the area anyhow.

24.   The guest is obligated to follow all safety, fire and sanitary regulations.

25.   In case of injury there is a apothecary in the hallway.

26.   In case of alarm activation caused by careless behaviour of the guest, the guest is obligated to pay the compensation in the full amount. 

27.   Accountability and responsibility follows civil code.

28.   The guest is obligated to follow this accommodation rules. In case of violating these rules, SLADOVNA Apartments has the right to cancel the contract.