The accommodation is available according to current government resolutions. All surfaces and areas are being regularly desinfected and the cleaning services are maid by professional cleaning company according to the highest sanitary standards.

Please, be aware that the apartments are self-service, due to this fact it is possible to send required documents to e-mail BEFORE your arrival. You can also upload the document during online check-in to My Alfred application. It is not possible to deliver documents after your arrival.

Since 3rd January 2022 until further notice it is:

Allowed to provide guests with accommodation services only to those who do not have signs of covid-19 disease and prove to fulfil one of following conditions:
  • Have been vaccinated and have official certificate 
  • Have a confirmation about experienced covid-19 disease, are no longer in isolation and since first positive result it is no longer than 180 days
  • Have been tested with PCR test - negative result (no older than 72 hours before arrival).

In case of any further questions do not hesitate to contact us.