The accommodation is available according to current government resolutions.

Please, be aware that the apartments are self-service, due to this fact it is possible to send required documents to e-mail BEFORE your arrival. It is not possible to declare this after your arrival.

Since 24th May 2021 00:00 until further notice it is:

5. limitted to provide accommodation only to those who:

a) guests that do not have a clinical sign of COVID-19 and declare, that

i) they have been tested at latest 72 hours before the beginning of the accommodation with RT-PCT rest for presence of the SARS-CoV-2 with negative results or POC antigen test for SARS CoV-2 with negative result, or have tests from workplace or school. These guests can be accommodated maximally for 7 days and when prolonging their stay they must be tested again

ii) they have a certificate by Ministry of Health about the COVID-19 vaccination and since the first or second dosage application lasted at least 22 days, or

iii) experienced laboratory confirmed COVID-19, already expired the isolation time and since the test it hasn´t been more than 180 days

b) guests that are obligatorily in isolation or quarantine

c) gests in order to finish the accommodation that started before the effect of this resolution in case they do not have other residence in Czech republic

d) guests in residential crisis, whose accommodation was arranged via local government