Consent to personal data processing

I hereby voluntarily provide the company ČERNÁ CESTA 35A s.r.o., Černá cesta 142/35a, Klášterní Hradisko, 779 00 Olomouc, IČ: 037 91 319 (further referred as SLADOVNA Apartments) with my personal data being e-mail address for sending commercial notices. SLADOVNA Apartments figures in relation with these data as administrator of the personal data. I am aware that SLADOVNA Apartments will process my personal data (e-mail address) to the time that the consent to personal data processing is retracted. If the commercial notice contains the reference to the SLADOVNA Apartments website, I am aware and agree that during viewing the website can in some cases process my IP address. SLADOVNA Apartments website uses cookies and other tracking technologies. I also declare that I am aware that I can retract my consent to personal data processing anytime. The easiest way to retract the consent is via link in any e-mail with commercial notices. This will result into my personal data not being administrated by the administrator in order to send me any more commercial notices. More about consent to personal data processing at SLADOVNA Apartments can be found on